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Overview of CARESCAPETMR860

Featuring expert user tools and an innovative user interface,CARESCAPE R860 is a comprehensive solution for all your Ventilators needs.

  • User-Friendly interface:Provides menu -free navigation,different workspace for different users,and unique timeline view of data as past, present and Future views.
  • Advanced lung protection apps:Offers Actionable data to determine optimal PEEP setting,inspiratory pressure,and tidal volume to protect the ultra structure of lung parenchyma from mechanical ventilator induced lung injury (VILI)
  • Nutritional Assessment:Avoids Malnutrition,reduces infectionrate,and facilates early weaning for improved patient outcome.
  • Spontaneous Breathing Trial:Helps assess the preparedness of weaning and the need for mechanical Ventilators.

Overview of Falco 202 EVO

Versatile affordable, and adaptabl-the compact Falco 202 EVO is an affordable all-purpose ventilator, designed to deliver Ventilators to patients inside or outside hospital settings.

  • Portable design:Weighs only 5.5 kg, thereby allowing Ventilators support in different care settings, including ambulances.
  • In-built-turbine:Helps intesivisits administer pricise Ventilators to patients.
  • Electromagnetic flow sensor:Offers measurement accuracy of 0.1 LPM and is totally immune to humidity and moisture.
  • Versatile:Caters from infants to adults; offers exhaustive modes of Ventilators and independent wall pipeline.