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Overview ofB125 Patient Monitor

Simple and intuitive, the B125 patient monitor delivers clinical perfomance that you can trust, across challenging work environments.

  • Advanced parameters:Features EK-pro (simultaneous multi-lead arrhythmia monitoring,)DINAMAP superSTAT (non-invassive blood pressure), and sp02(algorithms)for accurate and reliable patient monitoring
  • Simple user-interface:Includes touch screen, trim knob, and seven preconfigurable workflow settings to aquire, monitor, and interpret patient data for timely diagnosis
  • Flexible workflow:Supports connectivity and operations across hospitals through GEHC's CARESCAPE networks,mobile care web viewer, and other monitors
  • Robust designPerforms exceptionally well even in harsh work environments and handles everyday wear and tear with ease.

Overview of B105 Patient Monitor

Designed for diverse acuity needs and challenging work environments, the B105 Patient monitoring delivers clinical performance for timely decision making.

  • Advanced parameters:Includes next-generation technologies such as DINAMAP SuperSTAT, TruSignal, and GE Etco2 for reliable monitoring
  • User-friendly interface:Supports faster diagnosis through in-built features such as 101.1" touch screen display and trim knobs that enable easy aquisition ,monitoring,and interpretation of patient data
  • Enhanced work flow:Allows for flexible connectivity and operations across care-areas with GEHC's CARESCAPE and Mobile care with Web Viewer
  • Reliable design:Offers enhanced cyber security, and a three-hour battery backup for continue performance in all conditions

Overview of B20 Patient Monitors

Patients with acute, life threathening conditions need the best possible care. The B20 Patient monitor is powered by cutting edge technologies that make it easy to acquire accurate patient data for timely diagnoses.

  • 72-hour trend display and snapshots:Helps review patient progress through graphical and numerical data, in addition to manual or alarm triggered snapshots
  • Versatile clinical capability:Caters to a wide range of patients, from adults to neonates
  • 10.4" Crystal-clear monitor: Displays upto six waveforms and digit fields simultaneosly
  • Standard measured parameters:3/5 Lead ECG,RESP,NIBP,Spo2,1 Temp, 1 IBP
  • Optional:2nd IBP, 2nd Tempature,EtCO2

Overview of CARESCAPETM V100 Vital Signs Monitor

The V100 monitor is specially designed for care areas that require constant measurements of vital signs. Now get the reliability and mobiity to constantly monitor your patients throughout the unit.

  • Long run-time:Comes with 11 hours of battery life for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Versatile clinical capability:Includes pulse Oximetry, Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, and spot Temparature (optional)
  • 10.4" Crystal-clear monitor:Enables continous monitoring and offers the flexibility of a 2-in-1 device