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Overview of LullabyTMWarmer

Backed by reliable thermal performance and easy usability, the FDA-approved Lullaby Warmer helps meet your higher clinical standards and provide a warm and comfortable development environment to every neonate.

  • Advanced technology:Uses Calrod-like technology and LED-based light
  • Safe heating:Come with Calrod Heater that uses FAR infrared which is absorbed by cornea and prevents damages to retina
  • Cutting-edge Walls of Warmth Technology:Includes extremities with designated heat zones to prevent conductive heat loss when baby touches the wall
  • Improved care:Provided an average irradiance higher than 26 mw/sq cm which results into quick stability of baby's temparature during emergency
  • Dynamic heater control:Allows 5% temparature increment, resulting in minimal variation
  • Low power consumption:Uses 60% less power during start up and 20% less over 24 hours of operation

Overview of LullabyTM Warmer prime

Engineered from the ground for clinical excellence, care giver comfort,enhanced reliability, Lullaby Warmer Prime delivers exceptional thermoregulation and ensures every baby recieves the highest standard of care.

  • Uniform Heating:Features a pantented 'J-profile' design that uniformly reflects heat to the bed
  • Reduced heat-loss:Leverages a Calrod-like technlogy for rapid warming of cold surfaces
  • Improved safety:Uses biocompatible materials on all patient-contact surfaces to protect baby's skin
  • Robust design:Operates in tough conditions and uses Kelvar-the same material used in bullet proof vest-to engineer reusable probes

Overview of SLE6000

Special SLE 6000's lung protective features include SLE's own High Frequency Ocillation Ventillation using properiatry bidirectional jets, pressure support Ventilators, volume-targeted Ventilators, and a choice of non-invasive
Ventilators modes including High Flow Therapy.

  • Advanced Neonatal Ventilators:Includes Ventilator,HFO,NIV(single and dual limb), and high flow oxygen therapy
  • High Performance:Handles patients upto 30kg
  • Flexible operation:Comes with non-invasive Ventilators including single limb, double limb, and mask/prongs.
  • Reduced clinical complications:Ensures high quality clinical support with accurate volume-targeted Ventilators
  • Increased ROI:Functions as both a high-end Ventilator as well as an HFO
  • Patented valve-less technology:Reduces work of breathing and helps faster recovery
  • Touchscreen interface:Uses a 12" touch-screen with easy-to-use logical sequence, allowing quicker and smoother adjustments
  • Enhanced compatibility:Includes features ready for Masimo Pulse Oximetry and Covidien ETCO2
  • Intuitive alarm panel:Provides an immediate audible and pictorial view of th alarm condition
  • Long-lasting battery :Comes with three-hour battery backup with upto 14 days trend
  • Real-time data:Provides lung mechanics measurements and ventilatory data such as wavwforms, loops, and trends on the go

Overview of SLE2000

Equipped with a unique valvaless system, the SLE2000 Ventilator is specially designed for infants and neonates to help eliminate inadvertent PEEP and clear expired gases.

  • Unique patented valveless technology:Ensures low resistance to airflow
  • Rapid inflation:Maintains pressure waveforms at all rates
  • Innovative operation principle:Eliminates inadvert PEEP and aids in the total clearance of expired gases
  • Robust design:Allows you to operate across geographies while keeping maintenance cost to a minimum
  • Concise range of modalities:Helps deliver conventional Ventilators support with CPAP, CMV,PTV,or SIMV

Overview of SLE1000

Arevolutionary adaptive nasal CPAP therapy system, SLE1000 gives clinicians the power to optimize pressure and deliver a breath of fresh air to neonates and babies

  • Uses Adaptive nasal CPAP therapy system to set pressure
  • Deploys intelligent software that constantly adapts flow to maintain pressure
  • Includes integrated apnoea monitoring
  • Comes with electronic oxygen blending and flow control
  • Provides automatic oxygen calibration and reliable FiO2 monitoring
  • Includes a clear display and 360 alarm bar
  • Uses a smart system to automatically adjust primary parameters comes with a boost button that can be used to aid recruitment of marginal and unstable alveoil or to give a stimulation breath

Overview of LullabyTMResus Plus

Gas powered with accurate pressure control, the Lullaby Resus is an integrated T-piece resuscitation solution that empowers every caregiver to confidently address birth asphyxia.

  • Innovative T-piece resuscitation:Comes with integrated blender and flow meter
  • Easy portability:Allows for intra-hospital transport
  • Simple workflow:Features single-knob operation max PIP and desired PIP
  • Enhanced safety features:Includes regulator, single knob PIP control, and high-pressure relief valve
  • Easy user-interface:Offers easy usability, especially with color coding
  • Intuitive ON/OFF switch:Prevents wastage of power

Overview of LullabyTMResus Prime

Aintegrated solution that offers oral/nasal/pharyngeal/tracheal suction, the Lullaby Resus prime helps you address the thermoregulation and needs of distressed neonates, immediately after delivery.

  • Compact solution:Allows for suction and resuscitation
  • Integrated devices:Offers suction meter, flow meter, regulators, manometer, filters, tubings, suction bottles, and Bag & Mask system
  • Simple operation:Mountable for easy usability
  • Reliable technology:Facilities uniform and accurate(200 mm pressure guage) suction even when input pressure varies
  • Easy Portability:Ensures intra-hospital transport
  • Gas driven technology
  • Intuitive ON/OFF switch:Prevents wastage

Overview of LullabyTM LED PT

Designed to maximize bilirubin breakdown while minimizing cost, the Lullaby LED PT is a high-density Phototherapy solution that promotes developmental care and worry-free operations.

  • Improved clinical performance:Provides optimal wavelenght, high irradiance, and uniform light distribution for 28% faster bilirubin breakdown
  • Enhanced care:Minimizes noise and light-spill to create an ideal environment that fosters development
  • Seamless operations:Offers easy maneuverability, removable head, adjustable height, and omnidirectional small wheels for worry-free operations, everyday
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership:Only 20 watt power usage ensures significant savings on electricity and cold light advantage 50000 hrs Lamp life ensures long usage and economic benefits

Overview of Coro 170 Series

Acost effective, reliable, and accurate fetal monitoring solution, the coro 170 series helps you deliver better care to the mother and the baby by non-invasively tracking the baby's heart rate

  • Multiple screening options:Single (Coro 171) and Twin (Coro 172)fetal monitoring. Rugged, Durable, time tested and very Accurate
  • Easy Portability:Offers anoptional mobile roll stand cart that lets you to transport the monitor and its accessories
  • Ease of use:Dual, 9-crystal Nautilus(tm) watertight ultrasound tranducer permits external monitoring of twins independent volume controls: makes it easier to locate the transducer for effective monitoring