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Overview of MACTM2000

Eqiupped with the cutting-edgr MarquetteTm*12SL analysis program,our MAC 2000 resting ECG system ensures standardization fo ECG information and helps clinicians make faster and more accurate diagnoses.

  • Better connectivity:Includes LAN, WIFI,Modem,Serial port, and SD card connectivity
  • Easy readability:Comes with a 7" color display and on-screen preview, including 12 waveforms and ECG results
  • Improved sensitivity:Uses gender-specific interpretation algoritm to provide better detection of Acute Myocardial infraction in women
  • Enhanced workflow:Offers access to EMRs, CS Diagnostic system, and MUSE* ECG Management also sends reports to share directories on a PC

Overview of MACTM600

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and offline storage options, MAC 600brings vital data to your fingertips, helping you access ECG information and deliver optimal care even in remote areas.

  • Faster Patient testing:Comes with a HookUp Advisor that indicates the accuracy of the signal and avoids repeat scans
  • Portable storage:Allows easy access to ECG test results through SD cards
  • Confident diagnoses:Uses the clinically proven Marquette* 12Sl to provide in-depth analysis and reasoning statements