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Overview of Brivo XRAY CT MRI CATHLAB

B rivo XRAY CT MRI CATHLAB (A 100mA, 200kHz, easy-to-use X-ray) is a well-designed and low-maintenance equipment:

  • Reliable brivo delivery: A less than 2kgf push force – 50% easier to move than most other models in the market.
  • Versatile applications: A 10% smaller footprint than most other models in the market – convenience in narrow spaces.
  • Advanced tools: A weight of less than 120kg – one of the lightest models in the market.
  • Design: A unique mechanical design for ease-of-use and quicker exams with better SID accuracy.
  • Comfort: Ergonomically designed and positioned user touch points (handles, angulated console,or closed cassette cabinet) for greater comfort.

Overview of OEC Brivo Prime

O EC has been committed to delivering high-quality,innovative advances in the mobile surgical imaging field, supporting successful surgeriesthroughout the world with easy-to-use technology.

  • Advanced image acquisition: Powered through advanced engineering, this C-arm intelligently capturesthe images you critically need with a 1k x 1k fully digital camera and 16 bit image processing.
  • Eagle-Eye precise: Brivo’s features work for you with automated, smart image adjustments to create crisp images even in challenging situations. Like an eagle that can pinpoint moving and difficult-to-see objects, this system gives focus to difficult imaging situations, with automated smart image adjustments.
  • X-ray Generation: Get the right image at the rightdose with fast full-time Auto Brightness Stabilization (ABS) for each acquisition mode.
  • X-ray Detection: High ratio grid for clear contrast.
  • Image Processing: Smart featuresautomatically adjustyour image quality.