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Overview of 9100c NXT

Precise Versatile, and Dependable,the 9100c NXT digital Anesthesia work station performs as ypor partner, ensures patient safety and assures complete peace of mind.

  • Reliable Anesthesia delivery:Comes with dual sensors for pressure and volume delivery
    that help provide better care and foster seamless recovery.
  • Versatile applications:Provides extensive Ventilators modes that allow you to retreat a
    wide range of patiens,including neonates,adults, and low to mid acuity patients.
  • Advanced tools:Spirometry, with ability to save and compare reference loops for continous
    monitoring of ventilatory tools.

Overview of CaretstationTM30

Dependable,intuitive and affordable,the carestation 30 Anesthesia system add advanced capabilities to your practice so you can enhance care to every patient.

  • Reliable operations:Performs automatic leak test at machine start-up to identify the exact quantity of leaks.
  • Dependable solutionscomes in both volume control and manual Ventilators modes.
  • Improved affordability:Allows you to practice low Anasthesia with confidence and save fresh gas and agent costs.
  • Advanced features:Includes color alarm indicators, upto 2 waveforms.
  • (paw and spo2,) and a 5.7" color display allow you to access vital information and deliver timely care.
  • Uninterrupted care:Provides optimal extended battery life of upto 360 minutes helping you to perform long procedures even in unstable environments.
  • Innovative mechanical ventilitation:Comes with present tidal voloume and dynamic compensation that ensures the tidal volume you set is the volume delivered.