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Overview of Omega Medsurge

OMEGA MEDSURGE is established with a motto of serving entire medical fraternity under one roof with quality products and services in the “price and Quality conscious” Indian market. We have registered our partnership firm with our Business priorities and aims to work together as one

We believe that the importance of having a “clear set” of priorities to guide us through ever-changing environment. Our aim is to achieve long term sustainable growth and deliver value to Our Customers and to Our Principals.

We are passionate about transforming Patient lives. We commit ourselves to Scientific vigor, unassailable Ethics and access to Medicalinnovations for all.

OMEGA MEDSURGE is managed by Mr. M. RAVI PRASAD. A Business professional with 20 years of rich experience and commitment of service through technology.


Product knowledge acquired by attending various training programs and conferences in India and abroad.

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Manager & Co-founder

Business profesional with 20 years of rich experience.